Digital tools for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is spreading like wildfire and any company that wants to survive and flourish in the new millennium has to get on the bandwagon. The best way to harness the growing power of social media is by hiring a competent social media marketing agency that can do all the work for you and design a great campaign for your brand. I have been in this field for a few years now and have seen many business owners unsatisfied with their social media marketing agency because they are not sure of what they are doing. I feel this disconnect can be removed if the business leaders are given a basic idea of the tools used by social media and how they benefit from them. This will calm their nerves and help them trust the agency. In this series of articles, I shall try to explain the most important such tools in such a way that everyone is able to understand them.

Digital tools

There are literally hundreds of tools that can be used in social media. Here we’ll talk about the five most important ones.

1. Social bookmarking – This is a tool wherein a user can add, delete, edit, share and comment on their favourite websites. It gives them an outlet to share everything with friends and is one of the most engaging tools as people tend to spend a huge amount of time using this.
2. F-commerce – The ‘F’ here stands for Facebook and marketing through and advertising on Facebook are becoming huge deals. The best part about using Facebook as a marketing platform is that it costs almost nothing and your social media marketing agency will be able to do it quite easily. It is also a great way to directly stay in touch with your customers and is especially beneficial for new and upcoming businesses who cannot spend much on print and television media.

For the next time

Listed above are two of the most social media marketing services that I have personally used. As promised, in the next part of this series, I’ll be taking you through the three remaining tools that your social media marketing agency can use.

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Social Media Marketing Is Essential – Convincing Your Boss

Social media marketing is slowly becoming as important as other mediums of marketing for companies around the world. In fact, there are companies that are building their complete marketing strategy around social media and are bypassing traditional media such as print and television completely. While you might realize this, it is sometimes impossible to convince your boss about this fact. I have seen many a times that a reluctance to change, fear of a new medium, and misconceptions are the major reasons for this but the fact remains that the boss’s is the word that matters and for this reason, you need to convince them of the importance of hiring a social media marketing agency. Let me tell you what I have learned about this and you can give it a try.

What to tell your boss

1. Explain the research capability of the medium – One of the biggest gripes most business owners and leader shave with traditional mediums such as print and television is the fact that it is almost impossible to know how much effect they have had on the bottom line. You need to explain to them how everything is trackable and measurable on social media and how a good social media marketing agency would be able to provide you with all the data required to know how much each dollar spent is earning back and you will see their no turning into a yes. Another benefit of this feature is that you know exactly who is interested in your services and this makes it easier for you to know your customers and create campaigns and promotions aimed at the particular demographic. All this will surely interest your boss.

2. Tell them you can start small – Chances are that your boss is not very familiar with social media and is worried that a new campaign will mean doing too much like setting up a Facebook page, creating a Twitter handle, and setting up a YouTube channel etc. While all this is true, you need to convince them that it is entirely possible to start small by just targeting a specific demographic or restricting yourself to a single social media platform. A social media agency will be able to get you started and will design your campaign focused on a smaller area before expanding. This might help sorting out some apprehensions in the mind of your boss.

3. Show how Web 2.0 and your company’s goals are compatible – Every business leader wants to know how a particular campaign goes well with the core beliefs, values, and goals of their organization. It is your job to show them how social media can help companies in any stage of development. Of course, the specifics will depend on your area of business but you will definitely be able to find a social media marketing agency that will be able to design a customized campaign for you.

To be continued…

This article is turning out to be longer than I anticipated so I will make it a two part series. In the next part, I will tell you about more points that you can use to convince your boss to day yes to hiring a social media marketing companies.

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