When looking for an AR15 for sale online or purchasing the AR 15 Bolt Carrier Group kit you will find a professionally put together group of components that is fully functional and well made. It comes with all of the parts, ready to drop into the AR and ready to go shooting. The materials are of the highest quality alloy steel and are guaranteed to provide high performance without the slightest imperfection of problem.

All of the units have a striking black matte finish that is Parkerized for additional durability and lasting quality so that it will never peel or become blotched or discolored. Clockwork reliability is assured with the interiors of the carrier key and carrier being hard chromed. The stripped bolt and carrier are also separately available.

This allows a fully customizable bolt that is high performance, yet adaptable to individual preferences. The gas key comes already staked and installed, but maximum flexibility is assured with your choice of installation of the firing pin, ejector, extractor, pins, gas rings and springs.

The kit is ideal for a backup or a replacement. It is manufactured with a process that is called Magnetic Particle Inspection, which makes sure that the finished unit is extremely solid and is free of any imperfections internally. This insures a high functioning device that can be relied upon.

The nickel boron finish is exceptional in that it creates a surface that is 40% more resistant to wear than a surface that is chrome plated and it also has a very low coefficient of friction. The finish is really harder than the undersurface and it will not peel or flake. The finish has shown in tests that it will not need to be lubricated until after 50,000 rounds of ammunition have been fired. By having this minimal friction, the gun will run a lot cooler.

The unit is very easy to clean and store, requiring little maintenance and takes up little space. The bolt carrier component arrives already put together and ready to use. Everything is included such as the bolt carrier, the bolt, the small pin, the hammer, and gas key and cam pin.

The features of the AR 15 Bolt Carrier Group make shooting of our AR more pleasurable and efficient. The already machined to precision parts makes shooting seem more effortless. Whether used as a backup or for a custom build of your own design, the AR 15 Bolt Carrier Group kit is a must have for any AR setup design.